Erin Go Bragh!


Ludwig’s St. Patrick’s Day Specials

Order for the Annual 

Queens County St. Patrick’s Day Parade (Saturday March 7th)

and the NYC Saint Patrick's Day (Tuesday March 17th)


By-the-Tray Specials

(Does not include paper goods, bread or condiments) 


Corned Beef & Cabbage...$125 

(Corned Beef, No Cabbage...$145) 

(Half Tray Corned Beef, No Cabbage...$70) 

Shepherd’s Pie...$95 

Salmon Dublin Broil

with Dijon Sauce...$175 

Bangers & Mash...$95 

Irish Pot Roast with

Guinness Gravy...$145 

Mac & Cheese with

Ham and Sweet Peas...$85 

Half Trays $39 each: 

Braised Cabbage 

Glazed Baby Carrots 

Buttered Parsley Potatoes 

Mashed Potatoes .


After the Parade...


1 Full Tray Corned Beef & Cabbage
1 Half Tray Buttered Parsley Potatoes
1 Half Tray Glazed Baby Carrots
1 Large Rye Bread
1 Irish Soda Bread
Butter, Mustard, Plates, Forks, Knives, Napkins 

$265 plus tax 

The Best Corned Beef and Cabbage Anywhere!!!


Irish Buffet for 30 people or more...

Corned Beef & Cabbage

Parsley Potatoes

Glazed Carrots

Irish Soda Bread & Rye Bread

Butter, Mustard, Paper Goods

$19.95 per person plus sales tax.

Servers are available.