Choose from Ludwig's on site "Full Serbvice BBQ" or our "Any-time, Any-place" buffet...


Ludwig's Full-Service BBQ Grill Menu


Our Delicious Slow-Cooked St. Louis Style Pork Spareribs

Black Angus Burgers (1/2 pounders)

Crispy BBQ Chicken

All Beef Hot-Dogs

Bread Basket of Fresh Baked Cornbread and Garlic Bread

Choose 5 sides... 

Home-Made Macaroni Salad
Home-Made Pasta Salad  

Home-Made Creamy Cole Slaw 

Home-Made Potato Salad 

Mary’s Baked Beans with Bacon 

Cajun Jambalaya (Spicy Rice) 

Rice & Pigeon Peas 

Mary's Mac & Cheese 

Buttery Sweet Corn-on-the-Cob 

Seasonal Fresh Vegetables 

Braised Collard Greens with Bacon 

Foil-baked Potatoes 

Smashed Potatoes and Onions (Home Fries) 

Mixed Green Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette 

Iceberg Wedge Salad with home-made Bleu Cheese Dressing 

Served with all the fixings: 

ketchup, mustard, mayo, cheese, relish, pickles, bbq sauce, sliced raw onions, fried red burger onions and our home-made sauerkraut

BBQ menu also includes 

fresh watermelon and brownies/cookie platter


Minimum 65 people.

$24.95 per person, plus sales tax. 

Price does not include 18% gratuities, 

which covers grilling crew. 

Price is not applicable on holidays. 

Other restrictions may apply. 

Price includes local delivery, 

set-up of our equipment 

(charcoal grill, chafers, chef's service tables), 

paper goods (plates, napkins, wet-naps, forks, knives), 

and BBQ Chef for three hours of service. 

Prices do not include rentals, service staff, 

travel charges or New York State Sales Tax; 

Prices subject to change. 

Date and prices confirmed upon receipt of deposit. 

We reserve the right to cancel in the event of inclement/dangerous weather conditions, as well as any other conditions which we consider unsafe for our servers or your guests.


The "AnyTime, AnyPlace" Barbecue Buffet

This menu is available year-round and

is delivered ready-to-heat and serve buffet style.

It is not barbecued on site. 

Choose 3 of our BBQ Meat Selections...

BBQ Beef on a Bun 

Pulled Pork
Hot Dogs with the trimmings
BBQ Spare Ribs
BBQ Chicken
Pulled Chicken 

Also Included: 

Potato Salad or Foil-Baked Potatoes 

Macaroni Salad or Pasta Salad

Cole Slaw 


Baked Beans 

Assorted rolls and corn bread 

(Additional sides available at a la carte prices)

All food is fully prepared. 

Heat and serve racks included. 

Price includes plates, napkins, 

utensils and serving equipment 

Ludwig's “Any-time, Any-place” BBQ Buffet:

Minimum 50 people.
$20.95 per person, plus sales tax. 

Price is not applicable on holidays. 

Other restrictions may apply.
Prices subject to change. 

Date and prices confirmed upon receipt of deposit. 

Please Note...

Ludwig's Barbecues are only available in our immediate area!  

We no longer cater barbecues outside of the 

11693, 11694, 11695, 11696 and 11697 zip codes. 

Sorry, but there are no exceptions. 

We only do one BBQ per day --- book yours early!